Apr. 7th, 2017

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Since I have not really been using my LiveJournal account too much, I've stayed there even when a lot of fans and fandoms have fled to other platforms. LJ's latest clusterfuck of putting their TOS basically under Russian legislation was where my patience ended. I'm not going to censor myself or follow the bigoted, misogynistic and dictatorial laws of Russia. It's enough that I have all my life been living a few hundred kilometers from it's borders, always remembering that our giant and unstable neighbor is there, waiting.

No matter the name of the nation, be it Soviet Union or Russia, to us it's like constantly seeing a major storm cloud just in the corner of our eye. I kind of get how the Gondorians felt, living next to Mordor (btw sorry for the insinuation if you happen to be a Russian*). My grandparents fought the Soviets to keep our independence, and I fear someday we'll again be fighting the Russians. I will not live under Russian* rule, ever, not even on a blogging platform.

*I'd like to point out I have nothing against the Russians as people, but as a nation Russia has been unreliable and unstable for the last few hundred years, and there is no end in sight. (Not that the US is much better at the moment, but at least they are not our neighbors.)


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